Know How To Get Civil Services Jobs Easily With The Help Of Astrology

Rohan has always been interested in civil services jobs. With the help of an astrologer, he knew that he had a strong Jupiter for a job in civil services. He worked day and night to achieve this success. At last, he is now a successful IAS who is not only respected but is envied. He has always trusted astrology, and it has brought about wonders in his life. He advises everyone to check their horoscopes regularly for auspicious moments in their life.

Civil servants are people who are employed in the public service as a body or authority. Every year hundreds of thousands of candidates prepare for civil services jobs and apply for several thousand positions. Many of them work in administration and assume many responsibilities for the welfare of the community and district. They are characterized by qualities such as honesty, accountability, responsibility, impartiality, and commitment. It is a fact that civil servants are one of the most respected people in society.

Now the question arises, is it possible to use a person’s records to predict that a person can become a civil servant, or should we compare the birth certificates of the thousands of people who take this test? Combination of being a civil servant is quite rare, so from a person’s birth certificate, it can be known with certainty whether that person can become a civil servant or not. We don’t need to compare it to someone else’s birth card.

How can Sun and Moon support you to get civil services jobs?

The Sun & Moon represent the government. Civil servants work in a government department or civil services jobs. Therefore at least one of them must have a good career to get a job in any government agency. This condition applies to becoming a civil servant and accepting a position in the public service. If these conditions are not met, no further analysis is required. Then another planet will determine your career, and the doors of government jobs will be closed to you.

In career astrology, We have explained that a planet is good for a career if it means houses 2, 6, 10, and 11, and no combination of 6, 8, and 12 works against it, and only 10 and 11 can help. The sums of 10 and 11 should exceed 6, 8, and 12, and two helps a little.

Many planets can help you to get your dream civil services jobs

At least three planets in the natal chart must be good for a career. If you have a very well-placed sun and a very well-placed moon in your horoscope, this is not a guarantee that you will become an official. Then it would help if you saw how many planets support your career in civil services. While the complete combination is 2, 6, 10, and 11, only 10 and 11 on most or more of the same planet makes a person capable enough to become an official.

Three is the minimum requirement, but it is observed that government officials usually have about five planets exhibiting the combination. This is because you need three planets to transit and, at any given point in time, you will go through a period across three planets (base, sub, and sub-period). Therefore, chances are, the three planets you support will meet the transit requirements for each exam and interview.

Planetary movements are important to get a secured civil services jobs

The timeframe during exams and interviews indicates when you performed the above services or not. Even if you perform better, tough planetary times will not allow you to pass the exam, and the interviewer will reject you. 

The planetary exam and interview period are very important as it has the final say on your choice. In this case, the participation of the sun/moon is required. For example, if you go through the Jupiter/Rahu/Saturn period, at least the sun/moon must be in some relation or aspect with one of them. Otherwise, you cannot do this.

Know which planet has much influence over here success in civil services jobs

Assuming you have support for the sun on your chart when the moon is against it, the sun connection or aspect will work, and you should ignore the moon. Since the moon isn’t in your favour, it won’t help you get civil services jobs, but it won’t cause any problems either. So you don’t have to worry about aspects of the planets being poorly placed. If you have a poorly placed planet, the effects will only come if you spend time on a difficult planet.

The IAS is a highly respected administrative post. In addition to respect, this post also repeatedly shows a person’s social status. That is why many people dream of becoming an IAS. Many students take the Civil Service Examination (UPSC) every year, but only a few succeed. Everyone does their best for this exam, but not everyone needs to get the right result.

Many people already have the opportunity to become administrative clerks in their horoscope. Therefore, if you choose this area according to your civil services yoga in kundli, you will be successful. However, given that some people do not have a preferred position of Mars for IAS in their horoscope, they get repeated failures after a lot of hard work.

How does Lagna play an important role in predicting your future in civil services jobs?

Once you get a good job in government, you must have the right conditions on the planet to maintain stability. If your civil services astrology says yoga is official, but the planetary situation is wrong, then the chances of success in competitive tests are lower.

  • When Your position in Lagna, Shastra, 9th or 10th house is good, one’s chances of passing the competition exam increase.
  • If the ninth, tenth, and eleventh expressions and their swami are in a good position, or there is a change in yoga, then there is a yogi to become IAS.
  • When two or more planets like the Sun, Saturn, Guru, or Venus are established, they are very promising in the house of happiness.
  • When the sun and Jupiter combine and Mars is in the house of happiness, there is an opportunity to become a clerk.
  • When the tenth host is associated with a lucky planet or a good planet influences it, you are more likely to become a senior officer.
  • When the sun is high in the horoscope, and a person with a good planet is placed with a guru or Venus, that person attains a worthy position.

Astrology has become the best option for many who wants to thrive in civil services jobs

If you also dream of becoming an IAS employee, make sure in your govt job astrology you have the potential to become an administrative employee or not. This will guide your hard work. If deficiencies are found in the horoscope, they can be eliminated.

First house: The first house horoscope tells the physical and mental interest in his profession. To become an IAS employee, the first house in kundli must be viewed or positioned from a favourable planet.

Second house: The second house is related to the way a person speaks. This house must also be dominant because the power of language will help one rise to a higher rank.

Third house: The third house of the horoscope indicates courage and perseverance. The importance of this house is very important because every victory depends on the dedication and hard work of one person.

Fifth House: The fifth house is associated with intellectualism and higher education. Therefore, to achieve more senior positions such as IAS and IPS; This house must be stronger.

From other houses which influence your success rate in civil services jobs

Here are the effects of the sixth and ninth house on your career in civil service:

Sixth House: To succeed in competitive tests, the planets in the sixth house must be strong. And the relationship between the sixth and tenth houses is also important for success. In the administrative area, success is determined by the position of the house and its master. It is also important to pay attention to the relationship between the two.

Ninth House: The Ninth House is the house of happiness. Apart from hard work, happiness also plays an important role in deciphering our future. Therefore, to reach a higher rank, there must be a certain change in the house of happiness and their God in the horoscope.

Houses along with planetary movements play a major role when it comes to your career in civil service. Most people check their horoscopes before appearing for any exams. They believe astrology has a great impact on luck in life.

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