How to Choose a Car Bike Rack & Types of Bike Racks

While some people are lucky enough to ride right on their doorstep, most cyclists, and especially mountain bikers, should go everywhere. That means you need a bike rack for your car. Car grilles come in a variety of styles that are compatible with almost all shapes and sizes of vehicles. Choosing the right bike rack means choosing a platform that you trust to hold your beloved bike safely. It also means hard factors like horsepower, comfort, and fuel. This guide will walk you through how to choose a bike grille, these different considerations, and more.

Types of bike racks

There are different bike racks for your car – each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest differences between car axles are the way they connect to your car and how you hold your bike. Common methods, such as attaching bike racks to your car, include a beverage bar, roof ring, or straps. We demolished different types of shelves below.

Bike racks for trailers or platforms

Tray-style bike racks are some of the most common racks for a reason: they’re comfortable and powerful. These shelves require a problem and are generally available for traditional 2-inch problem receivers, or 1 smaller receiver are more likely to be in smaller cars. These bike racks are great because they’re easy to load, don’t require lifting, raise your bike, and don’t affect your fuel significantly like roof rack racks. There are some restrictions on the size of the bikes that will fit the bike racks. Therefore, consider a specific model, especially if you plan to transport small bikes with small wheels or fat bikes with wide tires. Most tray racks carry two bikes, although there are models that can accommodate up to four or just one bikes.


  • Easy loading
  • Little impact on fuel consumption
  • No friction or contact


  • Need a trailer
  • Not suitable for all-wheel sizes and widths

Bike rack for roof mounting

Outdoor enthusiasts already have crossbars on their car roofs to carry toys like skis, kayaks, and gear, so why not add your bike to the list? If you are equipped with thresholds, a bicycle ring is simple addition and is usually relatively cheap compared to other luggage racks. In addition, roof racks are one of the bike racks that you can use without a drawbar. Roof wheels have both a fork and a vertical design. Fork tops and ATV tops require the front wheel to be removed from the wheel, which adds a step at either end of the ride, and you need a position for the wheel in the car. This allows the profile of the wheels on the roof to be reduced compared to the vertical roof grid. In general, the wheels have the biggest impact on your fuel economy because of the traction your bike creates.


  • Cheaper than other types of shelves
  • No towing required
  • Works on convertibles and other cars with low ground clearance


  • The front-wheel should be removed and stored in the car
  • Should you lift the steering wheel over your head?
  • Carry only one bike
  • Increased influence on the gas flow

Pickup tailgate upholstery bike rack

Trucks are great for moving all types of goods, including bicycles. While you can just toss a couple of bikes behind your truck, we recommend replacing the back road. Leaving bicycles open in the back of the truck can jump and be damaged. The handle valves allow you to hang the front door of the bike over the rear (protected) door for a safe ride and maximum load capacity. Custom-built truck bikes have a number of advantages over homemade solutions, such as moving bridges – they have padding that protects your truck and bike, they often have straps to secure your bike, and they have flaps that Protect you. allow access to the rear door handle or the backup camera. Tailgates are best for adult mountain bikes, street bikes with stiff headband corners work but don’t sit as well in a cargo bed.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Much power
  • Secure

Vertical hanging bike racks

The vertically hanging bike racks came from the mountain bike world, but are now available in a design that is suitable for all types of bikes. These mountain bike nests have a “mast” that extends to your towbar and a window crossing where you hang the bikes. Some of these shelves have suspension forks (and only fit suspension forks), while others have a gear that holds the front wheel. Vertical planks with the bottom are one of the most versatile planks on the market and can accommodate almost any wheel size. These cases are ideal for transporting many bicycles.


  • Relatively small impact on fuel consumption
  • High capacity
  • Keep bikes closer to the car than large-capacity suitcases


  • Some are only suitable for hanging forks

Open van bike racks

Trunk wheels are adjustable bicycle racks that are attached to the trunk of your car – these are bicycle racks that do not require a drawbar. These are the cheapest shelf types and easy to remove when not in use. Most of these types of shelves hang from the top tube of the bike. This makes it difficult to transport mountain bikes with this type of waste because the mountain bike frames have a unique shape. It is very important that these cases are fitted correctly, as, unlike tugs or roof locks, they are simply held in place with straps – there is no way to lock the bike with these bike racks. If you frequently need to transport your bike, we recommend that you consider other types of bike racks.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to get out of the car
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles


  • Not as safe as other types of planks
  • Not suitable for mountain bikes and unusual frame shapes

Connection hook with horizontal arms

These other types of tow bike racks have horizontal arms that hang the bikes from their top tube. They often keep bikes for the whole family and swing to get to the trunk. These cases are ideal for transporting conventional flat bicycle frames. However, your restrictions apply to the transport of off-road bicycles and other bicycles, e.g. Cruise ships with unusual frames. In addition, these frames come into contact with the frame, causing friction and friction.


  • High capacity
  • Suitable for children’s bikes


  • Not suitable for mountain bikes or unusual frame shapes
  • Contact frame

How to choose a mountain bike holder |

There are several factors to consider when choosing a mountain bike that differs from street and traditional bikes. Early mountain bikes should have a unique shape and size, which means that some mountain bikes do not fit in some cases. Mountain bikes, for example, are built with low, angled top tubes, which means that they do not fit well with bike racks that hang bikes from the top tube. Wheels with wider tires are another unique use – make sure the bike you are looking for carries the width of your tires.

As we ride mountain bikes, this can also affect the choice of your luggage. For example, a roof terrace may cause your bike to start on a track, but it may not get you and five friends to ride to the top of the track. So think about how many bikes you want to transport and what trips you make. During these long driving days, we also recommend rear door rails for trucks and vertically suspended mountain bike stretchers.

Other considerations for repairing bicycles

Contact frame

The luggage rack that comes in contact with your bike rack can sometimes rub and damage the paint or worse the bike rack. When choosing a bike rack, pay attention to the contact points that the bike rack has on the steering wheel. Truck back cushions get the most contact with your frame, which is why they are often made.

Easy loading and unloading

One of the most important parts of a wheel ring is how easy it is to whiten it in the ring with the little one. It makes a difference whether you take your bikes with you when you go camping or park them in the garage. Think of the height it will take to lift the wheel in order to raise your car. Roof frames allow you to fit through the bike – this can be very difficult for some riders. Flatbed trailer pins are probably the easiest to load and unload.

Security and lock installation

Bicycles are expensive, and seeing their road pulverized, like a roadblock, or worse, stolen from your bike ring, is a nightmare for any cyclist. Many types of bike racks have built-in locks to ensure that 1) your bike stays on the rack while you are riding, and 2) your bike is not easily stolen from the parking lot. We recommend that you look for a grille that can be securely attached to the car, rather than attached. While practical, this type of bike rack is 100% more difficult to install.

Access to the safe

Many types of shelves allow you to access your luggage compartment even if the grille is equipped with bicycles, but not all grills have these features and sometimes luggage compartment access is not possible on some vehicles and combinations of vehicles. This is made possible by functions that tip the hook away from the car or control the entire system. If access to the luggage compartment is the most important decision criterion for you when purchasing a wheel arch, you should definitely check these features.

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