PUBG Mobile New Updates in 0.9.4 Version

PUBG Mobile gets new updates all the time with the latest update v0.9.4 for Android and v0.9.3.1 for iOS that got released on Tuesday being the latest ones. The new updates bring with them bug fixes as well as other new features. The most noteworthy change in the update is the support for Xbox One X as well as PC. The new update also adds new commands such as, which returns search area after a full exit, for which you can now manually save. And Also lag fix on PUBG Mobile in this update.PUBG Mobile new Updates News

The patch notes for the update were originally tweeted by Tencent Games. The company is set to release the patch on Thursday at 8 PM IST, so it will likely hit the servers a day prior. In addition to Xbox One X and PC support, the update also brings with it performance optimizations and bug fixes.

The other noticeable changes include the removal of the APK launcher, easier exit controls, issues with the map, new spray effects, and the ability to auto-save by tapping on the ‘Game Info’ icon.

The Xbox One X patch for PUBG Mobile will be made available to PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One on Dec 13th.

How to download the new update v0.9.4 on Android?

The PUBG Mobile 0.9.4 update is not available for download directly from the PUBG Mobile website and instead, you can only sideload it through various sources. If you are running on Android, you can get it from the IOS Simulator app, APK Download for Android from XDA, and the PUBG Mobile APK Download from Downloads.

However, the good news is that the v0.9.4 update for iOS is available to download through the App Store itself. For PC, you can check out our in-depth guide on how to download the PUBG PC update.

What’s new in 0.9.4

Not much has changed in the patch notes for 0.9.4. However, there is a lot of bug fixes and optimizations in the update which should result in faster game speeds. The previous 0.9.3 update to PUBG Mobile also brought with it a host of optimizations and bug fixes so that you could actually have some decent gameplay on the go.PUBG Mobile new Updates News

PUBG Mobile 0.9.4 New Features

Xbox One X support

0.9.4 Update introduces support for the Xbox One X which means you will get an improved game experience when you play on the more powerful console.

  • “Xbox One X Enhanced”
  • DirectX Raytracing support.
  • Multi-GPU support
  • Spot removal during Missions/Battle Royale mode.
  • Fixes an issue where the player couldn’t exit the PUBG lobby if they entered before the lobby was closed.
  • Fix for audio issues when destroying an enemy’s pickaxe and car.
  • Removed ViewModel for the “Valve Time” DMR rifle.
  • Fix for low-quality effects with the Warthog (Farve).
  • Fix for laser beam damage radius issues in Vehicles
  • Fix for “cinematic camera” input.
  • Fix for mission setup issue when the countdown was outside a preset number of minutes.
  • Fix for collision issues with the bomb while switching to Pickaxe: Up, Down and Left.
  • Fix for corrupted textures in Mission: Searching Vehicle.
  • Patch Notes – PUBG Mobile 0.9.4
  • PUBG Mobile 0.9.4 bug fixes
  • –Fix for the icon to show an incorrect image in Mission: Searching Vehicle.
  • –Fix for kill feed.
  • –Fix for female nukes being visible when crouching.
  • –Fix for “Destination Button” unavailable in PUBG Mobile 0.9.4
  • –Fix for DMR rifle frame-rate drops when using the same profile.
  • –Fix for Korean region icons in the War Party leaderboard.
  • –Fix for mission save issue in PUBG Mobile 0.9.4
  • –Fix for Terrorist Win streak taking longer than 9 seconds.
  • –Fix for vehicle doors disappearing during fast travel.


PUBG Mobile launched official Update 0.9.4. In this update, they remove bugs and errors properly. Which are made source of difficulty for top PUBG players. Almost the PUBG Mobile team fix all bugs in this 9.4 update. If after the update you had faced any bug or error. I advised you to Uninstall PUBG and Download Again Completely.

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