What You Don’t Know About Selecting Dog Toys

Pets are wonderful especially dogs. Well, it doesn’t mean that only dogs are good but as well all have a preference when it comes to pets so a huge number of people love having dogs and for many reasons. They are always happy when they see their owners and they just love to play, either inside the house or outside, they just love to play. This is why buying them some high-quality Dog Toys can help them to have quality playtime every time they want to play.

You can find a wide range of dog chew toys and many other types of dog toys from online pet supply stores but what you may not know is the fact that there are several factors include when it comes to choosing and buying quality dog toys. Though when it comes to buying toys for dogs it depends on several factors from a dog’s personal preference, size, age, and personality such as you cannot get toys for puppies that are made for larger dogs. If you are a caring pet owner then you must be wondering that if how you can buy quality puppy toys for your dog. Well, here is something for you.

They Should Have Perfect Size

As we all know that not all dogs are born equally and they are different from one another when it comes to size. Consider this factor while choosing not only just Dog Toys but other pet accessories such as dog feeders and beds as well. For example, balls should be large enough to carry, but not too small. Balls are one of the best toys for any dog but consider the size of the dog and the ball you are going to buy as well. Small balls can be swallowing by large dogs that can cause severe choking in dogs. Any kind of puppy toys where there are ribbons, buttons, or eyes can be removed or chewed by dogs so consider buying “dog-proof” toys only.

Types of Toys

Even though you have an idea about what your dog likes the most but when it comes to visiting a wide number of online pet supply stores, things may get confusing and this is why you should consider the types of Dog Toys that are perfect for each type of pooch and you will get the best type of toy for your pet that will make his or her day special.

Squeaky Dog Toys for Gentler Dogs

A squeaky toy for a dog may sound fun idea but only if your dog has a calm and gentle persona and even with that, it would be hard to say that if the dog will resist the squeakiness of the toys and they are more likely to run after and “rip apart” the toy just to find out the source of the squeakiness. So, these toys can be called “monitoring toys”

You can opt for some of the new types of stuffing-free dog toys and many of them are found to be great for dogs as well. Though soft toys at a point may not be a good idea there are some sturdy toys as well for your dog too. Choose the soft toys that can fit easily in the dog house and can be washed in a machine since they tend to get dirty after a few playtimes.

Tug Toys

Dogs can be great players when it comes to tug of war and they love to play this game with their owner. Though some may argue that it may develop aggression among the pets it can be quite fun if your dog is trained. You can find high-quality tug toys at reputed pet supply stores online or in physical stores near you. These are the types of Dog Toys that are made of leather, linen, rope, or fire hose. Make sure the toys will not get rip apart while playing and replace them as soon as you find any ripped edge or missing piece as it can cause serious health problems to the dog.

So it is better not to be so harsh while playing tug of war. You can train them with commands like “drop it” or “leave it” while playing tug of war to avoid any serious damage to the toy and dog. Treat them with something special by adding some dog treats in the dog feeder which will be a surprise for them as well. Keep in mind that it will never be a good idea to get the toys pulled from the dog’s jaw when they are standing on their back paws as it can cause neck and spine issues. 

Retrieving Toys for Dogs

If your dog loves to play with balls outside then it is more likely that it will enjoy playing with the toys that need to be fetched such as discs. These discs are the toys that offer great ways to enjoy to the dog and because these toys come with the direction change making the overall fetching game more interesting and can keep the boredom away from your dog for longer. Hurley is the type of dog chew toys that offer a traditional fetching game with a “twist”. Alternately these toys can make of rope, plastic, chewy material, and plush.

Food-Dispensing Toys

Perhaps this is one of the most important toys for every household. They provide great mental stimulation and let your dog focus on a point. Food dispensing and Dog Feeding toys come in various shapes and sizes and they are usually made of plastic or rubber.

The popular dog feeding toy can be filled with treats, peanut butter, or dog food. They can be a great way to get your dog busy for hours and kill the boredom.

Final Words

Dog toys can be a great way to keep your dog busy and will not let them feel bored at all. Not only just that, but they also offer a number of benefits and teach your dog new things. Just make sure you are going to choose the dog toys that will suit your dog for maximum fun and satisfaction.

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