Reasons to Conduct External Penetration Test

A penetration test isn’t new for businesses performing activities online. Even the businesses and organizations working with limited resources understand and organize the Pen Testing to secure their valuable data from cyber attacks. As we all know the dangers of cyber attacks and how they can ruin the image and business of any organization, Penetration Testing is the assessment of the cybersecurity system of any organization valuing personal and customer data.

Having organized the Penetration Test will assure you that your security system and people working on that system are doing a great job. Most of the new organizations find Pen Testing intimidating and for all the right reasons, but they aren’t aware of how much benefit pen testing can provide to them. Here is what Pentest can do for you.

Pen Testing Can Be Customized To Particular Organization.

One of the major benefits of organizing pen testing in your organization is the fact that these tests can be customized according to the requirements of the organization. Every organization is unique and it is important that the pen testing should be done by the Pentesting Company by understanding a company’s requirements and system.

If you need external or internal pen-testing from the web to network to mobile applications nor for the wireless systems or the combination, an experienced pen testing company can do that accordingly.

Multiple Techniques To Identify Threat

As mentioned earlier that Penetration tests are assessments of the security system, the assessments can be done by employing several methods to understand and identify threats including social engineering which is widely used to uncover the most important business information where fake or suspicious emails are used to exploit confidential information.

Fulfill The Compliance Requirements

For better security, the organization needs to follow certain regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of (HIPAA) and the Payment Card Industry or (PCI) Data Security Standard. The HIPAA Privacy Rule is applied to the public practitioners in the health industries dealing with clients in the medical field. The Penetration Testing Provider can help you to understand if your organization is fulfilling the compliance requirements or not.

It Completes Mandatory Testing Requirements.

Thou pen testing is compulsory for every organization performing business activities online but sometimes it gets compulsory. Sometimes it gets compulsory as the annual activity of entity transmitting, performing and storage of millions of credit card transactions with the single card brand annually, especially those who have faces data breach recently and requested by the bank.

Helpful In Securing Personal Information

The Penetration Testing Services are useful to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) data, such as the information about donors and staff. There is crucial public information that is required to be stored in the best possible way such as student data in higher education

Reasons to Conduct External Penetration Test

institutions and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act should be complied with by such organizations to make sure that the information will never be breached.

Pen testing can do a lot to any organization, however, make sure that only the professionals should be hired to get the test done at its best.

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