Why Node.js for Backend Development

Node.js, back end development, is not anything new, and you can find its execution in several products like Netflix or even pay pal. Moreover, it has many advantages, making it suitable for both venture and B2C software, and it is famous among the applications engineering community. But why is it attractive from the tech and organization enterprise points? Within this piece, we’ll attempt to answer this question.

There are most likely no programmers in the whole world that are not familiar with the concept of JavaScript. Its popularity has improved significantly, and a few tasks in web development we couldn’t even imagine doing a long time back are simple to play JavaScript. JS is just a default choice. Using the back end technology, Java Script also powers is an excellent way to accelerate development, make it more period, and more cost-effective via the unification of this codebase.

What Makes Node.js Advantageous to Back-end?

But once the understanding of Node.js itself is evident, what is left will be to figure out what back end development with Node.js constitutes. Talking about web technology, the back-end of your app is perhaps the most critical part, so IT specialists should pay enough attention to it and use the most useful methods to allow it to work correctly. There are various benefits of Node.js for back end development that we’ll consider closely in this report. But firstly, let’s list the main competitors of Node.js among back-end languages and frameworks.


Developers widely use PHP for back end improvement. It is suitable for midsize jobs but can be good enough to its big ones. Numerous successful projects are made exactly with PHP. Its structure is event-driven, helping to make real-time links hopeless. Yet, it still heads many listings of programming languages due to the great supportive community.


Python is considered exceptionally easy to learn. Probably it gets it popular among aspiring programmers. It’s generally useful for both midsize and huge projects. Even though Python doesn’t always empower amazing efficiency, it is readily solved with PyPy implementation. Thus, creating projects with Python is fast, productive, and features an excellent effect.


Ruby is fit for small and midsize projects. Its clear documentation and an enormous community that produces it, therefore purposely utilized among programmers. Nevertheless, in recent years Ruby and RoR frame, in particular, have somewhat dropped their market share and which is the most essential – popularity one of town, which means fewer upgrades and new implementations.


Java is thought to be a multipurpose programming language. The access to various frameworks makes it more demanded. As a result, it has a fantastic reputation among IT pros. Java is excellent for large enterprise projects that require elaborate computations and difficult data processing.


.NET is a strong Microsoft frame that includes a wide selection of languages that can be acceptable for back-end and front-end development. Most reliable is really for small and medium-sized projects. .NET is free and works on various platforms. It encourages services, website, and desktop creation.


This article included lots of interesting tips for programmers. It is the technical elements of Node.js back-end development, such as comparison of Node.js along together with different languages and frameworks, most popular usage cases, etc. As an employer, you got your questions regarding the requirements of hiring Node.js back-end developers, engagement models, among the others replied.

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