Udaipur Top 11 Resorts

A melting pot of culture, ethnicity, diversity, and colorful architecture, Udaipur is a thriving tourist destination not only in the state of Rajasthan but throughout the country. History and its palaces occupy the most important positions here. Udaipur has many of the most interesting monuments and places such as the City Palace and Shirupuguramu, Pate Near Lake, Karibu Bagh, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Karuna Ma. The best of them we have compiled for your convenience. 

1. Ramada Resort and Spa 

Ramada offers the ultimate in hospitality and comfort, combining classic elegance with contemporary flavors. The 72 suites span 6.6 acres with lush gardens and sloping exteriors. The courtyard in the center of the property has a swimming pool and a rest area. Enjoy cooking classes, cocktail mixing classes, jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor sports, and more. 

2. Justa Hotels & Resorts 

A famous wedding destination, Justa Hotels, and Resorts is a palace with large lawns and man-made seas. An ideal villa with spacious rooms, beautiful villas, and a 1000-foot multipurpose hall. The restaurant’s local Rajasthan cuisine is a must-see. 

3. Oriental Palace Resort 

Over 64,000 square feet, this resort offers more than 50 rooms at a variety of rates and facilities. The Oriental Palace Resort is located in the heart of the city, making it easier to travel to local attractions. All rooms are well decorated with luxurious décor. There is also a restaurant serving a variety of dishes on-site for all cravings. 

4. RAAS Devigarh 

Located in the lush greenery of the Aravalli Hill Ranges, this 18th-century palace resort is a large area with a mix of heritage and modernism. The entire resort was inspired by the classic Rajputana culture and architecture. The Forbidden City was restored in 1999 and transformed into a commercial heritage hotel. Part of the RAAS Devigarh palace is maintained to maintain its pure appearance. All 39 suites are crafted and offer world-class amenities and luxury. 

5. Ananta Hotels & Resorts 

The history and charm of Udaipur are fully portrayed in the Heritage Resort. Ananta Hotels & Resorts, under the management of the Goyal Group of Companies, offers its guests a unique and luxurious stay. Ananta Hotel Management & Allied Studies nurtures hoteliers and students who dream of working in the hospitality industry. The 75-acre site offers 160 luxurious villas, a swimming pool, a spa center, a banquet hall, and two famous restaurants. 

6. Panna Vilas Palace 

This heritage resort is managed and operated only by the descendants of the armor that served the royal family of Udaipur. Pana Vilas Palace Resort is a picture of creativity and grandeur. Located near the beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake, the villa features royal exhibits such as paintings, glassworks, original photographs, and costumes. They were collected and preserved over time and generations of these offspring. 

7. Tat Saraasa Resort and Spa 

The name of the resort is inspired by the Sanskrit dialect and means “quiet, quiet and beautiful”. Nestled on the shores of Lake Lakhawali and surrounded by the Aravalli Range, this resort is a great place to spend a peaceful holiday. A spa, restaurant, swimming pool, bar, sauna, meditation, and yoga center are all provided. Tat Saraasa Resort and Spa organizes bike tours, town and city tours, bird watching, indoor and outdoor gaming arenas. 

8. The Leela Palace

Luxury has been redefined as Udaipur The Leela Palace. This attribute pampers you with unlimited expectations and treats you like royalty. Located near Lake Pecola, it has 72 spacious rooms and 8 suites. There is also a spa, bar, library and tourist facilities. It’s also an ideal honeymoon destination, including a candlelit dinner under the stars with champagne, a cruise ship, and a select spa dedicated to couples. 

9. Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Spa 

The city of Lakes offers this exquisite getaway in the form of Radisson Blu Resort. You can see the translucent Lake Fate Sagar. Featuring 245 rooms and suites, a restaurant, lounge, two-story swimming pool, event space, spa, and sauna. There are superior rooms and deluxe rooms. 

10. United 21 Lake City Hotels & Resorts 

Enjoy Sundays, weekends, and vacations at United 21 Lake City Resort. It spreads over three square feet and is visited by famous Bollywood and world figures. We also offer a full-day picnic product with access to the pool and meals. It features all modern amenities, including 43 rooms and suites. 

11. Oberoi Udaivilas 

Over 50 acres of pavilions and domes are located in The Oberoi Udaivilas, a magnificent building inspired by Rajasthan’s palace. The property was built in 200 at the Maharana hunting ground in Mewar. It has 3 restaurants, 2 outdoor heated swimming pools, and a luxurious spa located on Lake Pichola in Udaipur. Free Wi-Fi is available in rooms at the property. 

Gardens, Fountains, and Gardens Oberoi Udaiviras Udaipur occupy Udaipur. It is a 5-star hotel about 8 km from Udaipur Station and 45 minutes by car from Udaipur Maharana Puratappu Airport.

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