Is graphic design oversaturated?

This really depends on how you view as Graphic Design . Let me explain. Like many other
industries the entry point in Graphic design was lowered with the birth of new technologies. In
the past to be a graphic designer you needed to pay for expensive software, to have the
knowledge to use the software and to find clients. Nowadays some kid with a tablet and a
Canva account can produce usable graphics, or with the help of an online logo creator can
“make” a logo in 5 minutes. That is why so many graphic designers have appeared and why the
market went a little downhill regarding the prices, because clients can do some of the work
themselves or hire cheap work(eg: fiverr, upwork, etc.) to do basic stuff.
In the same time, to have some quality graphic projects(images/logos/brochures/etc) created
you still need an expert that knows how to use photoshop/illustrator/indesign and has and idea
about layout, knows about color theory and so on. So from this point nothing changed. The
thing is that these experts cost more than the new-comers, but bring a lot more to the table.
But it is the job of the experts to market themselves and position themselves accordingly.
How To Stand Out In An Oversaturated Market in Graphics Design
Creating a brand means you have to possess a sustainable plan that will serve as a blueprint for
the present and the future. To create a brand, you must ensure that your products are of the
best quality. Quality products and services will always attract the best customers. This is non-
Some of the biggest brands in the world like Apple, Amazon, and Nike all have big competitors,
but they have been able to remain at the top because they have excellent quality to offer, but
also: a well-designed brand.
Choose a simple brand name
A lot of companies choose the wrong brand names to represent their businesses. The first
mistake in brand design that can destroy a business is the use of unnecessarily long names.
Choosing a long name to represent your brand can cause problems, especially if the name is not
easy to pronounce.
Companies like Apple, Android, Tesla, Nike, Adidas, etc. do not have unnecessarily long names.
When people find it challenging to pronounce your brand name, there’ll hardly be any referral
from them to strangers who are not familiar with your products simply because your brand is
hard to pronounce.
Having a uniquely crafted and aesthetically designed brand name is vital to the success of your
business. Simple is better in most cases. All the examples of great brands listed above have
simple names that can be easily remembered by anyone.

Have a beautifully designed logo that features the catchy parts of your business
This part is where designers come in. A lot of people overlook the impact of designers on the
growth of a brand because they are oblivious to how vital designers are. A good designer can
help pull your business from the ground up.
There are various logo design steps you can follow, some of which are:
 Inquiry about the market, and the type of people who are present in the immediate
This research involves checking the market for any piece of information that can give the
company an added advantage. The designer must also put into consideration people who are in
the immediate environment and anticipate their reception towards the logo. Having pork meat
on a logo in an Islamic state might be taken as very offensive.
 Style direction
Here, the designer takes a careful look at how to design the logo by taking into consideration
the organization’s motto and ideals.
 A comprehensive review of the options available
The designer must explore all options available by creating more than one logo for review. The
best logo can then be decided upon by the executives or the person in charge.
 Color selection in relationship with the idea behind the business
Color selection is crucial because it depicts an idea that can sometimes be seen clearly without
words. There are lots of natural colors that can be used anywhere, but colors like pink
represent something feminine, while green would be ideal for energy and a climate logo.
 Potential plagiarism or content theft
The designer must be careful that he/she is not knowingly or unknowingly stealing another
person’s work. It’s quite okay to borrow ideas, but there’s a limit to how far the designer can go
to acquire an idea.
 Using other successful brand logos as a source of inspiration
As said earlier, it’s okay to borrow ideas as long as it’s not apparent enough to be tagged as an
idea theft. The designer can borrow ideas and rebrand them to look unique and new.
Keep your customers satisfied with quality updates
You do not want to bore your customers with the same specifications of products over and over
again. No matter how good your product is, it needs a new touch once in a while to maintain its
relevance. The updates might come in the form of a change in design or added quantity.

Be careful not to be too drastic with a change in design because it might make customers
unfamiliar with your products again. Great brands take significant measures to ensure that they
remain competitive in the market. This means that you need to be proactive and pragmatic in
the way you handle your business.
It’s very easy to get lost in an oversaturated market if you don’t take the right steps in
promoting your brand. Brand designs are a great way of establishing a foothold in the
competitive market so that consumers will stay loyal to your organization irrespective of the

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