Botfuse review: The best AI chatbot

What is botfuse?

Botfuse is a chatbot that helps facilitate productive conversation with users on the website, Botfuse is the world’s first sales focused chatbot, It runs on the rule based AI system.

Botfuse can understand the response of the visitor and provide the answer based on the request from the visitor, Botfuse can connect with other tools to improve the features and usability of the tool even more.

What is the main purpose of the botfuse?

Botfuse is the world’s first sales focused chatbot and therefore it is focused towards generating more sales and increasing the revenue, Botfuse can act as a salesman on the website to any visitors that have come to the site.

Most visitors on the site don’t return after the first study, but with botfuse there is a good opportunity to directly convert them into clients, Botfuse can also help you generate more newsletter subscriptions by directing the user in a particular way.

Botfuse is highly customisable which allows the user to customise it according to their, making it useful for most scenarios.

Who is the botfuse for?

Botfuse is mainly focused towards so it can be helpful for 

  • Digital agencies
  • Development agencies 
  • eCommerce websites
  • Law firms
  • Accounting firms
  • Freelancer personal websites
  • Customer services website pages
  • Or any other website out there.

Botfuse can solve the below problems, It can be useful for anyone looking to get these benefits,

  • Converting the visitors into leads
  • Generating automated leads
  • Improving revenue without additional cost
  • Improving customer services
  • Increasing website visitor engagement
  • Improving the conversion rate of abandoned cart items for eCommerce sites

Basically, Botfuse is for any company that is looking to grow their business in the most efficient way possible, Botfuse is an investment to reap the rewards from in the years to come,

Pros of botsue:

Botfuse is confirmed to be very easy to use by lot of users that are using it, Generally installing and setting up chatbot on the site requires to hire developer, which botfuse anyone can setup the botfuse in just five minutes,

Being user friendly is really important, because developer doesn’t know your business as well as you do and therefore, you should be able to go in the system and create the template yourself, because you know what customers asks and what answer they are looking for,

Matter of fact, there is good chance you can find pre-written template that is perfect for you from the already extensive library of templates by botfuse, With just one click templates can be imported and setup,

If you want to make any small tweaks it can be easily done without need of any technical knowledge.

For any business, performance matters, ROI matters.

And botfuse provides great analytics tools to measure the performance, Tools keeps track of all the interaction and what the visitors are most interested in, Which helps in customising the templates to improve the results evenmore.

Cons of botfuse:

Botfuse is new platform so it has benefit of using newer technology but it also means that some features like talking with humans on the other are still in production,

Though the company has put this in their pricing page already, meaning it will be done soon and at no extra cost.

Second, the bot is focused on sales so depending how you program it, it can come across very salesy so we advise that any customisation should be to help customers and not just sales pitches.

Botfuse integrations:

Zapier has over thousand integration and with botfuse zapier integration alone, the website can be integrated with multiple platforms,

Tools range from slack, email, twitter, facebook to CRMs like hubspot, With all the integration the automation process becomes even faster and more efficient.

The leads can be brought directly into CRMs where meetings can be set automatically directly from visitors on the site,

And best part, to use botfuse, you don’t need to change the current tools you are using because there is a good chance that it already integrates with it.

Botfuse pricing:


Botfuse has multiple pricing levels from packages that are focused towards startup and small business to packages that are focused high traffic business, 

Botfuse has been constantly evolving since its inception and growing the number of features that are designed to improve sales.

The main differentiator for the various package at the moment is the number of bots on the sites and number of programmable conversations, 

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