How Technology Helps Businesses
Reach to the Pinnacle of Success

Technology is a wonder. It is a wonder that creates wonders. How beautiful is that? The
discoveries, inventions, etc., that we have been seeing or reading about are the achievements
of technology. Right from the barter system (when goods were exchanged for goods) to the
advent of digital payment gateways, technology has already given us so many amazing things
that no one ever imagined.
Technology is innovating every single day. Those who can take the advantage of this innovation
in technology are the ones enjoying success. Businesses if we talk about, can you think of any
business tycoon or any brand that became famous with using technology. The answer would be
a ”NO”. But why is that?
It could be explained by stating its important effects on businesses. It does not matter what is
the scale of a business. Whether you are a retail store owner or a CEO of a Multinational
Company, technology has solutions for all. The most amazing part of technology is both tangible
and intangible advantages. These advantages of technology not just help businesses earn huge
profits but also allow them to make a great brand image.
Technical Infrastructures allow businesses to affect the operating activities of a business and
establish a fruitful relationship with the customers. You not only secure your company’s private
information but can also run the operations smoothly.
Advantages of Technology
There are many advantages of having a well-structured technology infrastructure in a
workplace. Here are some of the benefits:
Helps In Communicating with Customers
If you wish to create a fruitful relationship with your potential customers, you must communicate
with them to know their needs or their likes and dislikes. However, visiting every customer and
noting down their preferences is a long-lost idea as it not just consumes time but also results in
unnecessary expenses. This is where technology plays its part.

You must have an account on various Social Media Applications including Instagram, LinkedIn connected India, etc. All these applications allow millions of people to share their thoughts and
express their emotions through different types of content.
Through these ap6plications, you can easily contact millions of potential customers at the same
time by sending them an invitation to a feedback form. These feedback forms must include all
the relevant details that a customermight want to share. Through these forms, you will be able
to understand the needs of your potential customer at a single time.
Helps in Operational Activities
A company’s growth is connected with how it affects operational activities. Technology gives a
medium to all the companies that help in quickly understanding things of complex nature. These
include the cash flow needs, reserve ideas, and management of resources. If not for
technology, managing all these things would be a cumbersome task. It would require the
company to hire more workforces that would only increase the expenses.
However, with technology, it becomes easy for business owners to understand how best to
manage their resources and utilize them most effectively. Warehousing, Transportation, etc.,
are among those areas where most of the companies suffer huge expenses. With the right use
of technology and executing decisions effectively, it becomes for every company to save both
time and money.
Better Coordination
Coordination is one of the pillars of a successful business. If the teams or employees in a team
do not coordinate with each other, it will only result in utter chaos. Therefore, a dynamic team is
required for a company to run its operations smoothly. If the messages and decisions are
conveyed accurately and at the defined time, companies can reduce their operational costs by
many folds.
This is where technology plays its part. It reduces the time gap between two employees thereby
making it more convenient for them to convey their messages. It gives rise to much better
coordination in the whole company that only results in productive activities.
Keeps Data Secure
Cyber Attacks have become a common trend these days. Hence, it becomes important for
every established company to protect its data from a cyber-attack. These attacks not just break

down the working capacity of the employees but also result in huge losses. That is the reason
almost all business owners prefer using high-tech security features and software that can
protect their systems from any cyber-attack.
Research and Development
Apart from taking decisions that would help the company earn a profit, business owners are also
spending a huge amount on Research and Development work. It helps them identify new
opportunities as well as threats prevailing in the industry. A business can only survive if it can
make the best use of the opportunities. Technology allows companies to keep up with the trend
and follow all the changes taking place now and then.
Technology has answers to all the questions, except God! It is now impossible to run a business
smoothly without using technology. However, technology is not everything required for a good
business. But it does give all the means required to carry out activities effectively.

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