Control Blood Sugar with These 7 Natural Foods

When we hear about diabetes, first of all, we think about sugar level in the blood. It is one of the
most underestimated components of our health. Diabetes can affect the ability of a body to
produce or use insulin. It is the hormone that can turn glucose into energy. If you have diabetes,
you may observe some specific effects on your body. In these effects, there comes the damage of
mindfulness, great thirst, possibility of infections and possibility of heart sickness etc. If you will
catch it early, you can easily control blood sugar level in your body. Here, we will discuss the
top seven natural foods that you can use to control blood sugar level in your body.
Whole Wheat:
If you are facing a diabetes problem, you can’t eat all kinds of pieces of bread. Its reason is that
some kinds of pieces of bread have high carbohydrates. When you will eat them, they can
quickly raise the sugar level in your blood. Therefore, you will have to avoid these pieces of
bread. On the other hand, if you want to control blood sugar, you will have to eat whole wheat
bread. These pieces of bread have low GI scores. Its reason is that their ingredients have to go
through less processing. When pieces of bread have to go through processing, it will remove the
fibrous outer shells of grains. If you will eat whole wheat bread, it means that you are increasing
your intake of fibre. It will stabilize the blood sugar level.
Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts:
Sulforaphane is the most important type of isothiocyanate. It has some essential blood sugar
reducing properties. If you want to provide this ingredient to your body, you will have to eat
broccoli. The studies are showing that it has powerful anti-diabetes properties. When you will eat
it, you can enhance insulin sensitivity. As a result, it will work well to control blood sugar in
your body. If you want to increase the amount of glucoraphanin in your body, you should eat
broccoli sprouts. This ingredient can also promote insulin sensitivity. As a result, it will prove
helpful to control type-2 diabetes. You should also increase the intake of cruciferous vegetables.
When you will eat these vegetables, you can also reduce your chances of type-2 diabetes. If you
want to enhance their effectiveness, you can use mustard seed powder while cooking it.
No doubt, fish and shellfish are the most important resources of protein, minerals, healthy fats
and vitamins etc. They will regulate blood sugar levels in your body. If you want to control
blood sugar, you must increase your protein intake. When you will increase your protein intake,
you may enjoy lots of benefits. First, it will become the cause of slow digestion in your body.
Secondly, it will decrease the blood sugar spikes of the post-meals. Thirdly, it can also increase
the feelings of fullness. As a result, it will prevent you from overeating habits. When you will
increase the intake of seafood, you can easily regulate blood sugar. According to the results of
research, if you will consume just 26 ounces of fish within a week, you can easily control blood
Most Fruits:
Diabetes patients should not eat pineapples and melons. These fruits have high GI scores. As a
result, these fruits will increase blood sugar in your body. On the other hand, other fruits have
low GI scores. When you will eat these fruits, you may not face this problem. No doubt, fruits

have natural sugar. We call it fructose. To balance the impact of this natural sugar, the fruits
contain water and fibre. Anyhow, you should not use fruit juices. Its reason is that when you will
use fruit juices, these juices will increase its GI scores. While making the juices, you can remove
their fibrous skins and seeds. Therefore, we can say that if you will consume enough fruits, you
can also control blood sugar.
Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Oats have low GI scores. When you will eat oats, you
will not face the problems of high blood sugar spikes. Moreover, they will also dip the blood
sugar levels. Moreover, the oats have B-glucans. They can do lots of things. First, you will never
face the problems of insulin responses after eating meals. Secondly, they also play a vital role in
improving insulin sensitivity. Thirdly, they can also provide help in maintaining glycemic
control. At last, you can also use them to reduce blood lipids. The results of the research are
showing that oats are helpful against type-2 diabetes. Anyhow, you should limit your
consumption of oatmeal. Its reason is that carbohydrates are only 28 grams in one cup of
Most Nuts:
Research shows that Nuts have become the best source of dietary fibre. Moreover, the GI score
of almost all the nuts is less than 55. Nuts are also the best resource of plant protein. They
contain a huge amount of unsaturated fatty acids. We can also get some minerals and vitamins
from the nuts. That’s why you can easily control blood sugar by eating nuts. In most cases, we
have to eat the whole nuts. It means that we have to eat them in unprocessed form. You can also
include nuts as flavours in some other meals. When you will use them as flavour, it has higher GI
If you eat one cup of plain yogurt daily, you can easily reduce your chances of type-2 diabetes.
As we know that yogurt is a dairy product. If you want to control blood sugar, you can’t eat other
dairy products. Its reason is that other dairy products will increase the sugar level in the blood.
On the other hand, if you will eat yogurt, you will never face this problem. The researchers are
still looking for the reasons why it is helpful against type-2 diabetes. The GI score of yogurt is
less than 50. Anyhow, you will have to consume plain yogurt. If you will try to add flavours to
the yogurt, its GI score will be increased. Therefore, you should stay away from the sweetened
yogurt. Anyhow, you can also eat Greek-style yogurt.

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