Guide To Brew a Drip Bag Coffee

Nothing is better than sitting down with a perfectly made cup of your favorite coffee. If you want to enjoy an authentic yet flavorful coffee anywhere anytime then none can beat the taste of a drip bag coffee. These days you can make that cup of it in many different ways. 

The key is to know how to brew that perfect cup with a drip bag coffee. But before deep-diving into the guide of brewing a perfect cup of drip bag coffee, first you need to understand what drip bag is, how it’s work, and why it’s so special. Let’s get started:

What is a Drip Bag Coffee?

A drip bag coffee is filled with powdered or grounded coffee in a compact, portable, yet travel-friendly bag. Moreover, each drip coffee filter bag or sachet released N2 gas when react with boiling water, allowing you to feel the richness of strong aroma while enjoying the real taste just before serving. With this fantastic coffee bag, one can enjoy the freshest coffee in the simplest way anywhere anytime.

Japan invented the drip bag coffee, late in 1990’s and has grown worldwide because of its simplicity and ease of drinking, allowing user to drink anywhere anytime.

Guide or Steps to Brew a Drip Bag Coffee

  1. Step # 01 – You need to have a good brand drip bag coffee, which is enough to brew a single 180 grams of coffee cup.
  2. Step # 02 – Tear the drip bag coffee from the marked area and pull the hangers on the side apart to spread the bag open, and push in the top part.
  3. Step # 03 – After pulling the hangers, put the drip bag coffee onto your coffee mug.
  4. Step # 04 – It’s time to pour the hot water onto drip bag coffee and make it wet, and let it bloom for almost 30 to 45 seconds. Moreover, if you have measurement scale then brew only 30 grams of water in the beginning to extract the sweetness and flavor of a coffee.
  5. Step # 05 – After few seconds, you will notice that the water level goes down due to blooming, now you need to add more water.
  6. Step # 06 – After 30 seconds of blooming, slowly add more water onto it and stop until your coffee cup becomes full or evenly settles to the top.
  7. Step # 07 – Once you have added full amount of water then remove the drip bag from the coffee cup, stir a little, and serve.
  8. That’s all, this process may take 90 seconds to 120 seconds only.

03 Important Tips to Enjoy a Drip Bag Coffee

  1. Tip # 01 – Brew at the Right Temperature

If your coffee doesn’t taste like coffee shop? The answer should be the perfect temperature, which is equally matter in brewing a perfect drip bag coffee. The optimal yet desired coffee temperature should be 195 to 205 degree Celsius, you can also use thermometer to measure the temperature adjustment. Moreover, it’s advisable to measure the temperature during the brewing process to get the perfect temperature for your coffee. 

Furthermore, also remember that don’t boil the water above 205 degree Fahrenheit, otherwise you’ll the taste of coffee as it will get burned.

 Tip # 02 – Water and Coffee Ratio

Understanding the appropriate water and coffee ratio helps you brewing a perfect cup of drip bag coffee. This greatly depends on how strong taste or flavor you’d like to enjoy while drinking a coffee.

For light to mild coffee drinkers, keeping the water to coffee ration high allows you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, whereas those who’d like to enjoy the strongest cup may use least amount of water or add one more drip coffee bag to it, allowing them to enjoy the strongest cup.

Moreover, you can also check drip coffee bag instruction, which may help you brewing a perfect cup of coffee without finding the solution anywhere else over the internet.

  1. Tip # 03 – Only Choose Quality Coffee

None can deny the importance of raw material, especially when you’re preparing a cup of coffee with drip bag. So, if you really want to enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee then choosing quality brand is equally important. There are numerous drip bag coffee supplier available in the market, so precisely choose the brand or drip bag coffee supplier to enjoy the best of it.

In Conclusion

Brewing a drip bag coffee has no rocket science, all you need to know about extracting its flavors. With this fantastic invention, one can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee anywhere anytime, all you need is boiling water and a sachet and you’re all ready to enjoy your coffee.

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