The 9 best treks in the Himalayas

Har Ki Dun

The Har Ki Dun trek from Mussoorie/Dehradun is about 8-10 hours travel. The temperature drops in winter to -12 degrees and in summer to about 2 degrees. The whole journey is almost 47 km away.

The Ruinsara Tal Trek was added by Indiahikes to Har Ki Dun. Without the Ruinsara Valley, the Har Ki Dun Walk is not over.

Ruinsara valley is situated almost in isolation. The valley of Ruinsara is said to be more beautiful than the valley of Har Ki Dun too!

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

The Deoriatal Chandrashila walk is a 6-day walk with Indiahikes. This is an extraordinarily unique trek as you can see not only a part of the Himalayans but also all big western and eastern Uttarachan summits from the summit.

From October until the first week of January, you can make the trip at any time. Temperatures fall to –12 degrees in the winter months of December and January. It takes around 12-13°C in Summer, while at night it takes just a single digit.

Phulara Ridge Trek

In September, October, November, May, and June the Phulara Ridge Trek is fun to do. It is one of India’s only ridge treks and one of the newest. In 2017, the Indiahikes discovered it. Another explanation why every walker has to do this trek is the beautiful Pushtara meadows.

Moreover, the Phulara Ridge trek has a lovely, thick forest section for a short walk. This is definitely the trek for you whether you are a nature or a bird lover. On this trek, we have discovered over 10 Himalayan species of birds.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

The trek is near Manali in Bhrigu Lake. The best times to do this trek are the months of June, July, August, and September. The whole journey is 20 kilometers away. You can visit the most beautiful treks in the area of Manali in this 20 km stretch.

Moreover, this is a mythological trek. It is also known as the place of deep meditation for the famous saint Maharishi Bhrigu. In addition, during this trek, you get amazing views of Hanuman Tibba.

Beas Kund Trek

Delhi is about 550 km from the Beas Kund Trek – a night trip away. It’s a blessing in disguise for walkers to make a Himalayan walk this close to a city.

The Beas Kund Trek is a wonderful time for post-summer, mid-June, July, and August. During this time of the year, the temperature is 18-20°C in lower campgrounds and 5-6°C in higher campgrounds during the day. At night, the temperature can be expected to hit 1-2°C.

Valley Of Flowers Trek

The Flowers Valley trek is a legendary matter. The trekkers are said to fall out of the strong aroma of the flowers on the floor of the valley. If you get into the valley, you get a breathtaking view of the huge area filled with flowers. Flowers, leaves, and blossoms all come together in different forms, sizes, and colors.

A trek is also a place of pilgrimage and worship through the Hem Kund Sahib.

Tarsar Marsar Trek

One of India’s most beautiful treks is the Tarsar Marsar Tour in Cashmere. The only other trek near its elegance, the Trek to the Great Lakes of Cashmere. It’s a moderately tough hike so you need to get ready for this hike.

From Tarsar to Marsar and then to Sundarsar you will be taken along the trek from one lake to another. Besides two of these amazing lakes, you can also camp. Tarsar Marsar is better in this respect than the Kashmir Great Lakes Tour.

It rains in July, and the trek is really a moonsoon trek in Kashmir. But it is largely in India’s rain shadow region.

Gadara Bugyal Trek

A former trek, popular amongst other Himalayan treks, is the Gidara Bugyal Trek. It is one of the biggest high-altitude prairies. It is bigger than Dayara Bugyal’s famous trek. Moreover, this trek has a lovely ridge walk which can’t boast of many treks.

The camping is unbelievable on this hike. They lie in the grasslands of Gadara as you leave the marvelous portion of the forest.

Hampta Pass Trek

In September the best time to make the trek is. It starts to snow in October, and this area gets very cold. The weather is pleasant on this hike. Especially during the day when the temperature is between 14 and 16 degrees in the summer.

It’s a rare and unique walk, you must do it. It starts from the luxuriant green Kullu valleys across a narrow valley like a gorge into a high mountain overhang. In one big, panoramic sweep, you can see the whole Spiti Valley from the pass.

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