Leh Ladakh Tours- All You Need to Know

It is a general question how to plan a visit to Leh Ladakh that can be off further for a better explanation. I shall divide this question into several categories in this article and provide links to articles in which I have detailed information.

For quite some time now, I have been blogging about Ladakh; actually, since my first visit. This site has a long list of articles on various aspects of Ladakh visitation spread over several pages. So I thought I would add this one front page and keep the browser sticky more.

When to go to Ladakh

That’s the first question you’ve ever decided to visit here, of course. For several months in one year, Ladakh remains shut down and cut out of the rest of the country. It is between June and September that most tourism occurs in here. When should you plan it depends on many factors such as how you travel? Where do you plan, what do you want to see, and so on? Look at the articles below, all these factors will certainly help you to complete the month of your travel.

How to Prepare for Ladakh Trip
Once you decide when I go, the next issue is how to prepare. Ladakh isn’t really just a place to pack your bags and go. Every aspect of the trip and package has to be taken seriously. This includes the packing of the right clothes, preparation and transporting all the essential items needed for the journey. Having this information in detail is a link to articles below.

Family trip to Ladakh
In recent years, Ladakh’s tourism horizon has changed a great deal. Each year the number of visitors increases and the place slowly develops into a touristic destination. The fact that it is still harsh and challenging, however, cannot be denied. You would really have to prepare yourself if you thought of going to Ladakh with your family, especially when you come to Leh Ladakh with your children or parents.

The following two articles discuss in detail how you can plan a journey with your family to Ladakh. The first contains information about the preparations and precautions to be followed when visiting Leh Ladakh with your child, and the second gives information about a visit to Ladakh with your parents or the elderly of the family.

What to Buy in Ladakh

When you got to Ladakh, you wouldn’t want to return empty-handed, of course. In the markets here there is a lot to buy. Leh bazaars will captivate you by the superior artistic style and a wide variety of objects on display. The markets are stocked with fine products throughout the year, and you will lose your admiration for drifting from shop to shop. For a list of items you may consider shopping, read shopping in Ladakh – What to buy; along with the names of some recommended stores.

Foods to Try in Ladakh
A taste of local food is one of the main attractions of going to a new place. Ladakh’s the same case. Here you will have to taste the local cuisine fused with Tibetan-Cashmiri dishes. This mountain kingdom was at the crossroads of trade between Cashmir, Tibet and Nepal and reflects the diverse cultural influences here. For a list of dishes and beverages to taste while in Ladakh, please read food in Ladakh – what to eat.

Cost of Ladakh Trip

One of the major determining factors is the budget for the trip. Many think a trip to Ladakh will cost a fortune that is not completely true. Although this may cost you a bit more than visiting other areas, the fact is that you can easily travel to Ladakh on budget with proper planning and information. Below is a list of articles that can help you calculate the total cost you are incurring during your trip.

Is Ladakh Safe?
Naturally, safety should always be considered first before you go to a new location. As far as Ladakh is concerned, a one-line solution is that yes, travel is very safe. However, the answer is not always so simple as several terms and conditions will apply.

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