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Allergan Botox: All you need to know

Are you thinking about Allergan Botox for Migraine? We have brought together some real evidence that will help you to avoid any costly mistakes.

Before we begin, let us give you a brief introduction on what is Botox & what it is used for.

What is Botox?

Botox is nothing but a drug that is made from a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It is mainly used by doctors for treating certain health problems like facial wrinkle smoothening. The use of Allergan Botox for wrinkle treatment is one of the earliest uses of Botox. However, the use of Botox has spanned over time & it is now being used in the dental niche & migraine too.

Cosmetic Botox is an FDA-approved usage since 2002. Anyone willing to get baby-smooth skin may opt for Botox treatments now. Let’s have a look at the three major usage areas of Botox.

  1. Botox for Wrinkle Treatment

Be it, men or women who start spotting wrinkles around their eyes, forehead, chin, etc prefer getting Botox for treating them.

The major role of Botox for wrinkle treatment is uplifting brows, softening forehead lines, minimizing crow’s feet, improve frown lines, etc. In a nutshell, it paralyzes face muscles in the areas where it is injected. The effects of Botox treatment for wrinkles last for around 6 to 8 months or around a year in some cases.

  1. Botox for Migraine

If you’re suffering from migraines, Botox can be an effective solution for you. A Botox sitting can prevent a headache for 8 to 9 days. Also, it minimizes the effects of migraine days for around a month. This happens because of the release of some neurotransmitters to the Central Nervous System. Thus, you may ask your doctor if they can help you with Botox for migraines in the head, neck, or shoulders.

Here are the injection sites for Botox Migraine.

  1. Botox for Dental Health

Besides its profound uses in treating wrinkles & migraines, Botox is a popular treatment for the dental niche too.

Edentulous patients who’re willing to get their lips repositioned because of decreased vertical dimension prefer using Botox. Botox functions by relaxing & retraining muscles and makes transitions more successful. Lower & aesthetic smiles can also be achieved with Botox treatment on the lips. Botox is an effective relief for the severe pain emerging from the hyperactivity of the muscles. Lastly, Bruxism is minimized by Botox too.

By the time you have discovered the popular uses of Botox, let’s proceed to the fact-check.

6 Things you MUST know before getting a Botox Treatment

  1. 6 to 9 months is the minimum trial timings

You cannot go for a Botox treatment straightaway. Your physician will recommend going for a trial first. You may have to get 2 to 3 injection sittings for around 6 to 9 months. It is done to find out the potential side effects you are observing during this period. Your overall experience is monitored during this treatment cycle and it helps in further decision-making.

  1. Botox is approved for Chronic Migraine only

Migraine is of different types, but FDA has approved Botox for Chronic Migraine only. Chronic migraine is mostly experienced 15 days per month or more. Around 2 million people are affected by this Migraine type.

  1. Neck-ache is one of the most-reported Side Effects of Botox for Migraine

The side-effects after getting Botox for Migraines are comparatively less. Hardly 10% of patients are affected by side effects like neck pain. But, when it happens, it may give the real pain. Some rare side effects also include migraine as irony, muscular weakness, ligament pain, pain at the injected site, high BP, moderate facial paralysis, etc. Talk to your doctor immediately if the effects seem severe.

  1. Your Physician’s Experience also matters

The experience & expertise of the physician with which you are taking Botox treatment also matters. Some may do it for low prices, but this doesn’t mean it makes no difference. They may buy  Botox online at affordable rates & doing so for making a customer base while they’re still having less experience with Botox.

Make sure you’re making a wise decision while choosing a physician for Botox.

  1. Effects have the possibilities of Wearing-off between treatments

The average timings of getting Botox for Chronic Migraine are 3 months. However, some patients may feel like the effects are wearing off after 2 to 4 weeks before their next sitting. This condition differs from patient to patient.

  1. Botox is a temporary treatment

The effects of Botox treatment are undoubtedly miraculous. But, they don’t last for eternity. For some patients, Botox for wrinkles can only last for three to four months. Certain factors affect the fade-away timings of Botox. Thus, you cannot expect Botox as a long-term investment.

Final Thoughts

Botox is a staple for the modern world where everything has a solution. If you want to get a Botox treatment for wrinkles, dental health, or migraine, feel free to gather details. Consult an expert in Botox treatment & see how it brings magical effects to your life.

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