6 Top Reasons For Bad Quality Of Night Sleep

Are you suffering from a bad quality sleep problem or insomnia? Sound sleep is very important for our physical and mental health. If you are facing a problem in sleeping well then there could be various reasons behind this problem. Some of the main reasons behind bad quality sleep are described below in this article.

  1. Nighttime Exercise
    Well, going on a brisk walk before bedtime is fine. But, you should not do heart-pumping or strenuous exercise at least within 3 hours of your bedtime. Sweat dripping workout naturally increases body temperature and make it difficult to sleep well.
    During the workout, our two-body function starts stimulating and it also affects the entire nervous system of the body. Thus, it makes it difficult to snooze.
    If you do an evening workout and face problems in sleeping then you should change your workout schedule. Shift your exercise timing from evening to morning.
  2. Drinking Alcohol Before Sleeping
    Most people think that drinking alcohol before bedtime will help to embrace sound sleep. But, if you drink excessive alcohol before your bedtime then it will lead to impaired sleep.
    Initially, alcohol will make you feel relaxed. Thus, you will drop off to sleep instantly after drinking alcohol. But, you will wake up at midnight and find it very difficult to sleep again.
    Alcohol drinking interferes with the sleeping cycle, especially REM sleep. It will result in bad quality or fragmented sleep. The best way to get rid of this sleeping problem is to limit the consumption of alcohol.
  3. Bad Temperature Of Room
    Our body needs an ideal temperature for embracing sound sleep. According to the experts, our body needs 65 to 73 degrees of temperature for good quality sleep. Most people want to cut down their utility bills and turn off their air conditioner at night.
    It will lead to a sweltering room and you will not be able to sleep properly. If somehow you managed to sleep without an air conditioner then you will wake up at midnight drenched in sweat.
    It is recommended that you should consider the installation of ducted air conditioning Sydney at your home. This new technology AC unity will help in maintaining the ideal temperature in your entire house without raising utility bills.
  4. Stress and Worries
    Another big reason for bad sleep is extreme stress and lots of worries in mind. According to the survey, the biggest reason for insomnia is stress. During the day time, you are so busy in your life that these activities distract you from worries.
    But, during the night time, these worries will engulf your mind and make it difficult for you to sleep well. You should try to deal with stressful situations in the following ways.
    ● Take a pen and notepad to write down your worries before your bedtime. You should also write down various things you are thankful for.
    ● If you are not able to sleep from the last few houses, get out of your bed and sit in the darkroom. It will help in making your body and mind relax. After some time, return to your bed and try to sleep again.
    ● You should regularly do meditation because this technique will help to keep your mind relax and help in fighting against various stressful situations.
  5. Excessive Lights In Room
    Have you ever noticed that you can sleep instantly in a dark room and you take too much time to sleep in an illuminated room? During your bedtime, you should make sure that your room is dark.
    You should not turn on any lights. Our body follows a circadian rhythm to maintain the sleep cycle. According to this circadian rhythm, when our body is exposed to excessive light then it generated a signal that it is wake up time.
    Also, when our body is not exposed to light then signals are generated by our body that indicates our mind that it is sleeping time. Thus, lights in your room during bedtime will interfere with circadian rhythm and affect the quality of sleep.
    You should turn off all lights, TV, and keep your phone away from your bed before bedtime. Also, you should turn on the air conditioning Sydney if you are feeling hot. This trick will let you sleep quickly and also help in embracing sound sleep the whole night.
  6. Wrong Snack
    Sometimes eating the wrong snack also affects our sleep quality. Thus, you should avoid eating snacks that are loaded with fat and protein before your bedtime. Also, you should never go to sleep with an empty stomach. You can choose light snacks before time.
    Avoid eating pizza or heavy snacks before bedtime because it can be the reason for waking up the whole night. Light snacks will make your tummy feel full and help you to sleep well the whole night.

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