Top 2 Tech Marketer Challenges (and Solutions)

If you are a technology marketer, you already know the most difficult challenges you face. Of course, all retailers have serious challenges, but the changing world of technology introduces new challenges to the marketing mix. After all, the technology industry is growing and changing so fast that no one can keep up with it. No one, of course, except a technology vendor, is not only set up for maintenance, but also to stay one step ahead of the market.

LinkedIn recently published an article that talks about some of the top challenges facing technology marketers today. Here are two of those challenges, along with practical suggestions you can use to begin overcoming them now.

Challenge # 1: Finding a decision maker?

All marketers know the importance of identifying and understanding the decision maker. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to develop an effective marketing strategy to benefit from it.

The difficulty with advertising in tech, however, is that the decision maker is not a single person. Instead, it is now a leading team consisting of IT, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and more.

This complexity makes it very important to fully understand the needs, challenges and motives of each team member and to engage them directly.

A recent LinkedIn study of decision-making groups on IT procurement and technology found that raising hopes with educational content is an important part of the marketing process. Why? Because members of these groups are generally willing to talk to the seller until they have consumed at least five pieces of “focused, unauthorized, and non-commercial content”.

Additionally, the LinkedIn post emphasizes the importance of producing content in every role in this creative procurement committee … at all stages of the procurement process. Because, as the post explains, the decision-maker of technology is a group, not an individual, retailers have a responsibility to reach out and engage with all of them. You never know who will be your first contact, who will lead the procurement committee, or who will have the greatest influence on other members.

That’s why it’s important to have a strategy on how to access, participate and ultimately convert all team members at each stage in the procurement process. Sounds like a lot of work, yes, but technology vendors have the opportunity to influence all members of the purchasing committee and start getting them through permanent education. What is “always-on”? Content that provides important, informative information to all stages of the purchasing process – anytime users may want it. Considering that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 63% consumers are more likely to think of marketers who take a more sustainable approach, which is worth the effort.

Challenge # 2: Creating Inclusive Content

However, they also say that “creating inclusive content” has been a major challenge for the past five years. What does this tell us? While technology marketers recognize the importance of content marketing, they have limited time and resources, which keeps them in creating as effective content as they can.

So how do you compete in the full tech market? According to a LinkedIn post, build a reliable toolbox. Advertisers have more options now than ever before to design, create, write, build and develop themselves – without outside help. Just think of what you have done for the merchants!

If you are a tech marketer, you understand the pressure to stay ahead of the shocking world with a quick joke. It is our job to not only achieve, but also to engage other bright, forward-thinking minds in the industry. Thankfully, there are tools and resources to help make that happen.

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