Small Business Owners: Profits to Increase Profits

The building blocks of all businesses are processes (processes / policy), People (employees), Customers and Resources (ideas / money). Those who weaken or neglect these building materials find themselves stranded on both their upper and lower ropes.

Believe it or not, organizations can sometimes forget that creating and delivering high quality products and providing excellent services is their ultimate goal. Organizations keep processes to a minimum because they are comfortable, secure and customizable. Leaders must always set aside time to define and redefine their processes, track disability and malpractice, and improve the strengthening of these (5) large construction structures.

Owner Mindset

You need to make a change from using your business as a self-employed / good job to build a business that you can sell one day, measure or own by doing nothing to support your retirement.

This means constantly reminding yourself that you are a temporary producer, and that your business should eventually replace you on a daily basis.

Specify Your Mission

There’s a reason you started a business and quit your job (or you didn’t try to find a new one). Why did you do this? Keep in mind that your goal and your company can be different, as long as they are aligned and can come together. You have made a statement of machinery in the business plan and we are on the bookshelf collecting dust.

Network and find a mentor

Find a business advisor or trainer. It doesn’t have to be an expert, just someone who can share experiences to come up with ideas and tell you if you lose teams, money and mind.

Get your business off the road

When the money becomes big and the pressure runs out, you are left with the day-to-day business, this is when you learn to make your business grow. It can be a grind because sales are slow and you learn how a business really works, finding customers, market products, understanding how changing processes and products affect your money, and all the ideas you have don’t work automatically as you think it will increase profits.

Sometimes while running a business, you may feel a burning sensation or an uninspired feeling. A healthy lifestyle balance is important; there is truth, in hard work and playing hard to relax. Learning daily devotion and taking a 30-minute trip every day can help relax the mind, etc.


Customer purchases are expensive in order to gain new customers, companies must successfully identify, sell and make customers try their product or service.

Many business owners do not take the time to find out who their customer is. What types of media do they use? What is the cheapest way to reach them? How much is the target customer willing to pay for its products or services? Where and how should we sell our products?

Remember, it’s cheaper to keep a customer than to get new ones.

Familiarize yourself with the art of engagement

Involvement is important in all aspects of your business, whether its communication through email marketing, social media, blogs, videos and other commercial formats

Take Attention to Social Media

The social media marketing system should include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the company website to communicate with your customer. Use the same theme, images (banner pages) and similar products.

Understand the importance of Business Logos

It is the first thing potential buyers will notice about your product, making sure it looks good, competent and polished. Make sure the Logo connects to the needs and requirements of your customers.

Create a feel for your product

Create a fun and educational environment to solve your customers’ problems

Proper Clients are more important than most clients

Many business strategies to get cash at the door in any way necessary to get more customers at the door. The problem is that to achieve all of this with disregard for quality, profit and sanity. Proper customers will allow your company to do better, build a better reputation, generate more profit and retain better employees.

Focus on Your Goal, Goals, Theme but above all Achievement

Don’t try to be everything to every customer. Specialized in solving your ‘target audience’ problems and enjoy doing it. Even the biggest companies do their best when they focus on ultimately ‘the main thing is the main thing’.



Do actions and uses by managers and teams to achieve the desired results.

Leaders need to take a step backwards to review their processes – individually or in partnership – to eliminate inefficiencies and improve performance, annually or when the market is changing.


Systems are reliable processes and processes that give your business the ability to consistently produce the best results for your client and your benefit for you.

Writing down automation processes can increase your company’s performance and reduce costly errors; checklists that your employees follow to ensure that all orders are sent correctly; the process of directing all new clients when you start working together; and guaranteed contracts that you use with all of your rental money with the sellers.

Controls / Standards

Controls procedures, procedures and protections that prevent your company from making anonymous or improper decisions or action of any member of the team. And they are a way for your business to ensure that important work is done on time and in the right way.

There are four (4) main types of business controls:

Visual Business Processing Checklists / Controls
Points Cards / Business Performance Measures Metric Function (KPI)
Embedded Internal Quality Controls

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