How Does Fashion Affect Students’ Lives?

In fact, it can add variety to our lives by offering an element of enthusiasm for the pursuit of something new and different, otherwise it can be a frustrating life if we had to dress and behave in the same way.

Fashion is the expression of a different style especially on clothes, shoes, accessories or make-up. It’s in the style of doing something, looking different and interacting with others. It encompasses a wide range of categories such as behavior, speech, actions, habits and lifestyle. There is much discussion about fashion and clothing and its importance in today’s society. Fashion and clothing can be described as one of the many things that keep our society united. Fashion can be defined as the norm or style of dress, habits and form of entertainment, while clothing is defined as collective clothing. If fashion and clothing were not removed from our lives there would be no place for independence and the people of the world would be the same. There is also the loss of class distinctions, which were widely described in the 18th century but are still present. The eradication of fashion and clothing will also change the power of the social world and social relations.

Mod, short for ‘modern’, refers to the way of life of young people who left London in the 1960’s and quickly spread to other parts of the world. Being fashionable is not only appealing but also satisfying. It is very common for young students to be attracted to fashion and start following trends quickly so fashion strongly influences our youth. Fashion continues to have an impact on society. We introduce new ways of living through fashion and create awareness within ourselves to reclaim a new line of culture. It is the leading social statement of students to make an external appearance in their social circle. They use fashion as a way to communicate with people by focusing on exploring all sorts of people. Fashion is a way of communicating with the world what their personality really is.

The decade of 1920 is called the Age of Flaming Youth because of its wild and jazzy rhetoric. This time the power of youth was released in a new way and no style seemed too absurd to be in high fashion. Our world is made up of the whole world. Celebrities play a vital role in the lives of young people. Students look at their favorite icons to keep them up to date. While watching television or using the Internet, they can easily be seduced by a variety of fashion ideas. In addition, students plan for their favorite celebrities and always have the desire to look like them so they do their best to mimic the look and life of their photos. They try to understand all the fashions in their community to improve their personality. Whenever they met, they talked about new things that could be changed. They use an unnatural way of expressing, speaking and behaving in their normal non-artificial lives.

In my view, there are two categories namely the positive and negative impact of fashion on students.

Fashion in our society has a profound effect on students. They think only of the new fashion and this leads to a lot of money. Therefore, they cannot recognize some of the basic necessities of life. It often interrupts their studies. When style or fashion comes into play, it is quickly pursued by the student community no matter what the cost. On the other hand they are caught up in the confusion of fashion because of the influence of society. Following a certain fashion, one has to take some of the actions and in doing so some students go beyond their boundaries to attract the environment around them. Eventually they became optimistic instead of smart and suffering from the frustration of being fashionable. On the other hand, it is also thought that the money spent on Fashion could be used for other purposes such as helping the community and helping the poor.

Fashion creates an unattainable standard for students. They all want to be attractive and look like celebrities on television or in magazines so they spend a lot of time and money building a positive impression on the people around them. However, they fail to make a statement most of the time leading to low self-esteem. It also creates tension between them and their friends, which can lead to envy and, in turn, damage their relationship with their friends. Students begin to judge people on the basis of their appearance and those who do not have enough money for their outward appearance, eventually being subjected to severe tests of self-esteem.

Students who are obsessed with fashion often become unaware of their studies. They think that by adopting certain styles of fashion, they will find that they are somewhat different from their peers and that they begin to pay less attention to their work.

There are some good points to be in fashion too. For example, when youths feel good about themselves because of their appearance, it gives them a sense of importance and confidence in their personality. In addition they feel more independent and more socially acceptable. When students follow a certain pattern, it helps them to see their personalities by meeting different people in the community who have the same interests and sense of style. Wearing fashionable clothes reflects a person’s personality. People think that a person is more likely to improve his weaving

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