Get started? Build a Business With Living Strength!


Are you thinking of starting a business in 2019, but don’t know how to start anywhere? This article explains the major obstacles you must overcome, what you need to start your business, and what you need to do after the first year!


When you think of starting a business you want to think about “Why start a business? Unfortunately, it is important to avoid these myths. Most of the time, starting a business is not one of those things. Instead, in the long run, working from home can be a distraction, less flexibility, and more turnaround hats. It is completely different to work for a company and it is important to keep all of this in mind when deciding whether to start a business is right for you. If so, let’s get started with your business idea!

Attitude ALL. You need to maintain a positive attitude. A lot of things will happen during the life of the company, good and bad, and the most important thing is to maintain a positive attitude.


Two of the biggest obstacles they face when starting a business are money and reputation. You need to make sure you can stay afloat and have funding options when you start. And reputation is also a barrier because you have no reputation or customers. Unless you start with a group of clients, most of the time you start very alone.



You need to provide the product / service that people want to buy. Researching similar products / services is important to see what else is in common with your idea and decide how your product will be better than the competition. It is also important to be able to bring information to the table. Usually, you want to have a niche to take a focused approach and decide which company you want to be in. Lastly, you need to consider whether you can adequately sell your product or service for a living. Will you be able to cover all the expenses and income that comes with the business?


A business plan is very important. What is a business plan?

Start with a high-level summary, which is a high definition of what the business will do. Next, you need a business description that sets out the business in detail. Then, comes market analysis, who will be your customer and who is your competitor? Next, organizational management. Who will run the business? Will you be self-employed or will you hire an outsider to run your business? Most of the time you start running a business yourself. Next, you need a marketing strategy, what kind of marketing plan will you implement? Lastly, you need to include financial requirements and financial assumptions. What kind of finances do you need to start a business and how much do you plan to make?

A written plan is important. It is very important that you write down the details above on a piece of paper.

. An additional app for a simple road map. This comes from speculation every month for 2 years. What trade shows will you go to? How many people will you hire? What kind of campaigns will you run?

Lastly, goals are very important. You need to set specific goals for your business to know where you are heading.


How will you fund your business? Some of the key questions you can ask are how much money will you need to stay active? Will you take the salary? What will be your unpaid expenses? How many people do you plan to hire in the first year? What about company profits? Even if you are alone, you will need benefits and insurance.
Should you make your own money or take out a loan? Self-financing is often recommended if you have enough money in the bank to float your business and your income for a year or two. This option reduces the pressure. The last thing you want is pressure from lenders. Money that will be hard to find. If you are able to get a loan, you will need to have a personal guarantee and you will need a mortgage.

There is also the possibility of a financial partner, but a financial partner can lead to interference and pressure. It can also cause you to run a business in a different way than you thought. Remember, you start a business to put your own game into it!

The fourth option is a sponsoring company. This is an effective method because it will usually make your payment and invoice you. Sometimes a funding company will provide a basic ATS program that can help you get started. The disadvantages of a financial institution are often difficult to overcome. You need to repay the loan with interest and sometimes it is not financially possible to break it. If you are using a sponsor, you want to make sure you understand the agreement and know what is required from the sponsor.

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