11 reasons why your affiliate business has failed

Many online entrepreneurs have been in this situation. You always wake up because you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You have tried everything, but sometimes you find it difficult to turn on your computer and move on. When will you pay for all this work? Are my friends and family right? Maybe I’m wasting my time and I have to do something else.

But it is clear to you what other options you have. 9 to 5 working hours, long walks, co-workers and annoying bosses. Unemployment line and job shows. Work days and lack of purpose. Prescribed wages and job insecurity. You see the reasons why you persist online, and you move on.

I often wonder which course of action is best. But it always comes back in time with financial freedom. I want something else. I don’t want to work for someone else or trust someone else with my salary level. I don’t want to be tied to a job I don’t love, or to people who don’t care about me.

Why Your Membership Business Is Lost

Your affiliate business is not abandoned until you are beaten! But for many people who will never have the time and financial freedom that they desire. Some will easily give up and blame their businesses for their mistakes. But why do so many people fail when they are trying to build a profitable online business?

Number 1 – Expectations

One of the top reasons I suspect is what we expect. We see these guru with their Lamborghini and expect to have them too soon. We start our online business fully believing this is possible but we are not getting results.

For one thing, it is much easier to ‘show your wealth’ online. Don’t expect all the guru to tell the truth. It is much cheaper to rent a Lamborghini for one day than to buy one directly. If it is a business expense you can write it down and pay the expenses. I’m not saying that top online entrepreneurs don’t get big things, just to put you in the right place. Also, most people who start an online business do not care about Lamborghini. They want to escape their undesirable activities and their lives. They want something better.

The second point is to expect that we can expect something in advance that can emerge in a small online effort. If we do not see results, we think that our efforts will not succeed. The fact is that our small actions on the Internet will increase their results over time. Some take months to do their business online and others take years. If you can stay confident while having a solid foundation in fact, it will help you to stay longer, rather than spitting on your dummy because you haven’t made a lot of money with a little work.

Often the answer will be no. You will only come if you continue in difficult times and pursue knowledge and profit.

Number 2 – Shiny Object Syndrome

You face failure online if you believe everything that follows the ‘shiny thing’ it promises you. Going from ‘get rich quick’ to another is a futile exercise. We are full of details. When you start browsing around programs to teach you how to make money online you will come across a full email inbox every day.

Too much detail leads to performance. And this leads to poverty. Just as you are about to take one action, another glittering program comes your way. Before you apply what you have learned, apply it to another program that offers an ‘easy’ way to do things online!

Number 3 – Distractions

Sticking to your course is difficult online. Glittering distractions, people in your life and friends and family with good intentions who try to persuade you not to follow the life of your dreams. They will try to distract you, and take you away from the idea that you can make money with an online business. The ‘current situation’ has a strong appeal to people. Traveling a different route frightens people, and they love luxury.

Capturing a typical online activity pattern can present other challenges. Especially if you have a full responsibility for work and family. Your employer does not want your online business to operate again and will look down on you at every opportunity. They do not want you to be free from your work if you do not!

All of these things will create a conspiracy to pull you away from your online business. No one is interested in your wealth and prosperity – only to maintain the status quo. So number 3 on my list of why your affiliate business will be defeated by failure is a distraction! Avoid distractions and focus on your online business whenever you can. Do this regularly and for a long time and it will start to produce results.

Number 4 – Ignorance

If we all had perfect knowledge we would all be living a very different life. But in reality we do not know everything about everything. The ideas we already have come from our education, our upbringing, our environment, the people around us, and the people with whom we spend a lot of time. Those people who advise you about your online business – are they entrepreneurs? Are they successful?

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